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How Can You Treat Bad Breath?

At Oliverie Dental, your top dentist for bad breath treatment in Wall NJ, you have options for treating your halitosis (bad breath):

  • Determine the cause(s) of halitosis
  • Learn how to manage and minimize odor-causing bacteria
  • Treat any existing gum and/or periodontal disease
  • Correct any existing dental issues and learn how to prevent future problems
  • Improve your confidence in social settings.


At Oliverie Dental in Wall, NJ, we know that chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common ailment affecting more than half of the American population. While some sufferers notice that they’ve developed bad breath, surprisingly, many only realize they’re experiencing the condition after a dental professional brings it to their attention.

There are multiple causes for halitosis, including:

  • Lacking oral care, which can create an ideal environment for odor-causing bacteria growth.
  • A variety of foods and drinks, including onions, garlic, cheese, coffee, and alcohol, can cause bad breath.
  • Low-calorie and high-protein diets, which cause the body to metabolize fat quickly, resulting in unpleasant mouth odor.
  • The tongue can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly and properly.
  • Periodontal disease, which can also cause jawbone and tooth damage, can be responsible for halitosis.
  • Tobacco products stain teeth, contribute to a variety of diseases, and can cause bad breath.
  • Some conditions, including autoimmune disorders, chronic dry mouth, chronic irritation of the stomach and esophagus, and kidney and liver disease, can also be linked to halitosis.


After examining your mouth, your dentist may ask health-related questions to rule out underlying disorders. She will also recommend that you follow a diligent dental hygiene routine that includes flossing once and brushing twice daily, brushing your tongue, and visiting us regularly for cleanings and examinations. You may be referred to a primary care physician for further testing, if necessary.

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