Before and After

smile makeover

The issues: crossbite, tooth discoloration


The solution: invisible aligners, teeth whitening, zirconia crowns.

Before and After

Clear aligners

The issues: spacing, misaligned

The solution: clear aligners, teeth whitening

Before and After

stain removal

The issues: tartar build up and staining



The solution: a thorough cleaning takes care of the build up

Before and After


The issues: severe abfraction, exposed dentin

The solution: composite bonded fillings

Before and After

Zirconia crowns

The issues: spacing and uneven shape of teeth

The solution: four zirconia crowns on teeth #7-10

Before and After


The issues: spacing issues (gap up front), discoloration, shape of teeth

The solution: porcelain veneers to address the spacing and the tooth shape, color correction